Cats Take Over Mykonos

This is a postcard a family member sent me from Mykonos, Greece back in 2010. There seem to be lots of feral dogs and cats in Greece, whether you are on an island like Mykonos or in a large city like Athens. They look so beautiful in this picture and the fisherman often feed them.


That reminds me of a lovely Nana Mouskouri song called The Star of Mykonos which I love. I also know they filmed part of the movie Shirley Valentine in Mykonos. The spouse and I love that movie and have seen it about five times.

So today I contemplate gorgeous cats, sun and the peculiar white and blue you only see in Greek towns.

The Star of Mykonos

Day by day he caught the west wind
To ride the tide that moves when day is dawning
The boat he sails was white as foam
Beneath the sky of morning
There goes The Star of Mykonos
His ship, his true companion
But in the canyons of the deep
They have a rendezvous to keep

By the shore the girl is waiting
She sweeps the sea with eyes like beacons burning
Then one by one the ships come home
For one there’s no returning
That is The Star of Mykonos
His love, his sole companion
And through the canyons of the sea
They go to meet their destiny

There goes The Star of Mykonos
His ship, his true companion
And in those canyons of the blue
They go to keep their rendezvous






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