The Moog Improves My Mood

After a great day yesterday drawing and re-organizing my Prismacolor pencils, today was an absolute drag.

In the evening around 8 p.m. I put this song on by Snarky Puppy called Thing of Gold. I heard this amazing thing last week on the radio and couldn’t get the “hook” out of my mind.

Here is a YouTube audio-only version (which they have mistakenly titled Things [plural] of Gold:

If you want to be blown away watch their video of performing it:

The guy on the Moog synthesizer is amazing, as is the sax guy and the two horn players, the other keyboards, the strings and guitars. Such an incredible arrangement, but it works. It burbles along, letting your mind soar, thinking of possibilities and the mystery of life and the whole shebang.

That hook man. Does anybody remember when the Moog synthesizer was practically the size of a house?

So, now I’m drawing a card for tomorrow in an effort to thwart the Blue Meanies before they come back.



That’s right, the Fool plays with the ball, throwing it in the air, listening to the sounds of a Moog in the distance and violins, and he trips along, a magical song burbling out from his mind, revolving in the wind and dancing, dancing.

Oh let’s listen to it again.



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