I Wish for Pizza

Yikes, three and a half weeks without cheese. We decided to have a small plain cheese pizza for lunch with a big homemade green salad in order to nip the craving in the bud. This is what I find about proper eating: you go along for weeks and then a craving hits. The best thing is to satisfy it a BIT and then carry on eating properly for another month and then you might have another one, but only a small portion. I find that the thing you wish for never tastes as good as you think, which makes it easier.



This is from the Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz which I bought when my favourite Uncle died five years ago.

The fairy is naked but secure in herself. This is often called “the wish card” and today it fits in with me wishing for cheese. Cheese when you think about it, is really a deadly product, filled with fat and salt, sort of waxy because in mass production they don’t actually age it, it’s like fatty tasteless wax. But melted and bubbling it holds a strong appeal. Pizza, macaroni and cheese, these are great comfort foods, opiates stronger than any alcohol.

My husband hates macaroni and cheese. Go figure. At some point the lure of cheese lessens, but it’s a tough one. I could go months and years without meat, but cheese is something entirely hard to give up.

Because of this card I shall have to think of abundance and wish fulfillment in other areas of life. After we have out treat I am going to be sewing on my second summer nightie that I cut out yesterday. This one is lightly longer and will have a ruffle at the bottom. You can’t have everything the same. You can’t eat the same old food and you can’t do the same old things, you have to switch things up.


My doll Saila is approving the fabric as she stands wearing her new black and white dress that I made. She is also wearing her summer sandals, ever hopeful the snow will disappear.

Oh gee, WordPress has just reminded me that I’ve been here for six years. See what happens when you persevere?



2 thoughts on “I Wish for Pizza

  1. Saila’s dress looks fab!

    I hardly eat cheese these days either. And I have always loved it too. I won’t say how and on what I like it and make your cravings start again.

    I have been doing well with my diet but I know that if I go help myself to a custard cream, I won’t be able to stop …

    Went for another cholesterol test yesterday so hopefully my lifestyle change has helped.

    God I want a KFC right now …

    • KFC = meat so not something I would crave. Crisps and cheese, but I felt better after my small treat and went right back to eating properly.

      Oh good, I want to know if your cholesterol has gone down. I will probably get re-tested in a month or so.

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