Rescue from a Great Height

Today I visit the Enchanted Map Oracle.



It’s all about asking for help, just ask. Safety is also within.

I got my x-ray results. A little bone chip rolling around in one of my knees, although not the knee that causes me the most pain. Some arthritis in my lower spine with possible spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), now or later. Ageing is fun. I hurt my back back in 1983 and I guess this is the legacy.

Nothing else was indicated, but at some point I will need an MRI to find out if I have ligament or tendon damage. I’m pretty sure I do but we decided I’d lose some weight first and then see. My blood pressure was down to normal so I’ll keep taking the pills for that, until weight loss finally gets rid of the high blood pressure.

So, not too bad after a sleepless night worried about going to a specialist or worse.

I am looking into buying an exercise bike since our road is so dangerous to ride my regular bike on. That guy in the balloon must be looking out for me.



2 thoughts on “Rescue from a Great Height

  1. Riding a bike a a good exercise when the joints get “rusty” I know because I love doing it and I feel more supple afterwards
    Good luck finding that bike

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