Giganto Spindly Spiny Things Eat Swan in a Dream

A little note about the Tarot of the Spirit before I start: I loved this when I got it about 10 or 11 years ago. I still like it, and I especially like that it is Thoth-based. What I really like about it is that an artist painted it and took the time, and the book is thoughtful and filled with poetry. They took several years to write and paint the deck. That’s like diamonds and pearls today, considered among the hastily designed and published computer collage decks.

Enter another world, a world of care and attention, of effort; I read the book and see the depth in card study, the tie-in to psychology, to the Earth, the long history of Man, the mysterious Universe and our part in it. Pamela Eakins says “…the Tarot of the Spirit is offered as a guide for those seeking lasting balance.”

WATER SISTER (Page of Cups)

Cool trolls with shades and books have invaded my space today. Always reminding me that when all else fails I can go sit in the garden and read a book.


I most definitely notice the Thoth influence in the swan, but what is the strange giant tadpole at the bottom? It’s not a tadpole it’s a sea turtle, and she is crouched on its shell. Strange, I just got a sea turtle in the Ironwing from another draw. In Hindu philosophy the tortoise supports the elephant which in turn supports the world.

This being a suit of emotion, I might think he is like the monster under the bed, the bogey man from dark water that touches your leg when you are ready to transform into a swan and embrace all that you can be, like a young girl starting out in life.

Libra, Scorpio Sagittarius
Water Sister
hears the Message of the Fishes
she is the Power of the Waters;
Force behind the Seas
infinitely gracious
Secret Priestess of the Water
floats on psychic Visions
and perpetual dreams

Water Sister
Love Delivered!
Sacred Vows and Oaths Discovered!

Loving sister
to the spindly spiny creatures
of the
Dancing Diamonds grace the ruffled
surface of her dresses
sweet caresses
Water Sister singing tales
to me.

The emotions and unconscious/subconscious have the power to give sustenance to your ideas. She creates and imagines, but as a quiet visionary, flowing along. Success is coming, keep balancing, keep your roots in the Earth, get watered deeply. Some waters are dark but she is radiant.

Singing tales of dreams imagined.




3 thoughts on “Giganto Spindly Spiny Things Eat Swan in a Dream

  1. That card is beautiful. I always thought about the Tarot of the Spirit. But it never clicked at the time. It looks good with age though, as many of those decks do. Makes a change from the ‘lets knock up a deck about fairies or witches or .. what else is popular? .. oh yes, Steampunk’ approach you get from the main publishing houses these days. The difference oozes out of this card.

    Haha @ the troll.

  2. I never really got it either, but I have liked some of the artistic creations I’ve seen, where old things have been pimped up in gold with mechanics. But it’s another one of those things which is taken too seriously by some and has been overdone by the tarot publishers. I’ve heard of three Steampunk Tarots and hear there is another on it’s way. I went to a Steampunk fair, and even though there was some nice stuff there, I felt a little uncomfortable with everyone walking about in their costumes and reading their Steampunk stories on mic. I’ve never been dressing up in character like that and often felt awkward around battle reenactments and that kind of thing (a medieval banquet for my mum’s 60th goes down as one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever, but that’s one for our email conversations).

    The TotS looks as though it has a lot of energy. I’ll have to give it another look sometime.

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