First Move Through the Labyrinth

KING OF BOWS – ADDER (King of Wands)


I traced my pattern off and cut out my nightie two days ago, but I’m pretty sore, so had to take a break. Two more days until I get my x-ray results.

Yesterday a real estate agent put his card on our door. We had talked to him last year, but I think we need to redo the bathroom and clear out some rooms before even attempting to put the house up for sale.

The World Tree has a labyrinth you need to go through before you get to the door, the access to the new journey after the end of another. I can’t wait, only three months until my husband retires, but I am also nervous about getting by on less money and the upheaval of possibly moving and more renovations and packing decades of stuff, particularly many books. It’s hard to think ahead when I am in pain.

But the King of Bows takes these things in his stride. The male snakes are fighting for dominance, the King likes to lead, to be the one with the answers. Strength of resolve occurs to me, path and goals are direct, you take them because it is what you need to do.

Big changes can be frightening. We always thought we would leave it until next Spring, but if we did it this year we’d be away and on the new journey by the time Spring comes. The stress though would be unbelievable and I’m already having health problems.

Maybe the King is too tied up in snarls and knots, or perhaps he is overcomplicating it?




2 thoughts on “First Move Through the Labyrinth

  1. I’m sorry you are having so much pain, and hope the x-rays will lead to some helpful treatment.
    I’ve moved several times – even while dealing with chronic health problems – and it’s certainly stressful but as events move along there is also a sense of release and the excitement of a new beginning. The labyrinth walk is a good analogy, as you spiral inward and then out again.

    • That is encouraging Lorena, thanks. I feel we need a new beginning so if I could just get through it, I know it would be better.

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