Fiddle with Fabric and Create Freely Floating Fabulous Thoughts

I got some sewing done yesterday. It was so joyous to be doing something instead of being anchored in a chair or bed.

This card is from the Well-Being Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I once owned their book The Law of Attraction and subsequent deck of cards Ask and It Is Given but I found them not to my taste, so traded them. This one is good though.

“The harder I push against it, the more I attract its essence.”


Just so.

I made homemade soup yesterday, pre-washed some fabric, did a bit of sewing, did a bit of reading, listened to some nice music. I did anything that would help me counter my thoughts of hopelessness and make the day better. It worked. I think we all know that sitting there stewing about a situation makes it worse, perhaps even attracts the escalation of problems, but it’s the practice of doing something else that we find hard.

By the end of the day I kept telling the spouse what a happy day it was. A far cry from the morning tears and fear.




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