Skelita at Night Among Shadowed Cats

I have discovered a couple of free knitting patterns for tube-type dresses for Monster High dolls. I’ve had my two dolls resting on my tarot shelves for a time but gosh darn they got all excited about new clothes and had to pop out.

While out for the day, Skelita decided she was tired of the orange streaks in her hair and asked me to hide them, so I quickly obliged. Orange is without a doubt my least favourite colour.

Okay, you’re up to date. This is what happens when you’re awake at 3 a.m. You skulk around the house taking absolutely critical photographs of new hairdos on dolls. I’m hunting Skelita in the dark. She just laughs and asks me when her new dress is coming.

Well I have to decide on appropriate colours.

Creeping woman in blankets
Moon on Snow
Electrical fixture
Photo flash
Lime green
Silk Ribbon
Hot water bottle


Figure that one out. Hint: It won’t be found in a book meaning. They never had this situation in tarot expert land.

They missed all the fun.



5 thoughts on “Skelita at Night Among Shadowed Cats

  1. “They never had this situation in tarot expert land. They missed all the fun”

    Haha, they always do. And they don’t even know it.

    What I am trying to figure out is how Skelita is holding that card!

    Loved the poem, or is that called something like blank prose? Effective.

  2. Since childhood I have disliked most orange things (wildflowers excepted), including a lot of orange food. Apparently I’ve still got it…there was a room at the Tucson gem show this year that was full of nothing but wulfenite and mimetite. One glance and I couldn’t even walk in the door. All those sparkly orange crystals, ugh.

    • It’s funny how flowers are okay in orange—my favourites are the orange California Poppies–I think it’s their translucent quality. I do like orange marigolds too, and they have that spicy smell that’s nice.

      I like carrots and citrus oranges, but orange fabric–yuck. I wove some tea towels with orange and yellow in an effort to work with colours I don’t normally use, and I dislike them so much. Never again.

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