Between the Two is the World

We have had another problem with an ice dam in a different area of the roof, so busy with that for several days. According to a roofing contractor we spoke to, lots of people are having the same problem. My husband bumped into a contractor at the hardware store who is ripping apart a new addition on a home because of leaks from an ice dam—the entire addition was soaked. We have never had this problem even in the worst winters previously.

I will be finishing my knit-along today and went to the fabric store yesterday to buy some solid-coloured fabrics to coordinate with some prints. I rarely sew with solids so I had nothing to use as accents with prints. So now I’m ready for a sew-along of a dress for an 18-inch doll with another woman for the month of March. No one else is joining us, but I shall forge on.

In the month of April I have a sew-along for a man’s shirt planned. I bought the pattern and fabric three years ago so want to make sure I discipline myself to sew it up this time. I have been learning such a lot of stuff in both knitting and sewing. I have known how to do both for 40 years but it’s clothing I’ve avoided, so I’m inching my way toward better fitting and finishing techniques.

TEN OF DOGS (Clubs, Wands)


I so rarely draw the World card, but it seems auspicious as if the world was mine. I can see the deep fulfillment in the relationship between the kitten and the dog. This is such a comforting image, one of such deep peace that it makes the heart glad. Unity and coming together in mind, merging, and yet it’s a quiet, inner sort of thing.

I do feel harmony and balance in my life right now as I reach to learn in my art history, Shakespeare, and orchestral works courses; to learn the finer points of both sewing and knitting; to reach for books on art techniques and enjoy the things I’ve always enjoyed but in a more assured way.

She describes the X of Dogs as a “A dog between two toys” which reminds me of the pull between sewing and knitting for me right now. It is also the pull between the inner and outer world as I am withdrawing more and more each week. I have never been decisive, so being between two things is antsy for me, a burden. It is the end of something, which we hope is our life in this town as my husband gets ready to retire in five months.

As well as contentment and peace, I feel niggles of fear and indecisiveness. That dog looks bewildered as am I, trying to assimilate change, yet keep what’s important to me. It is definitely the completion of a cycle, but I like the heartening message that a cycle, much like the revolution of the Earth on its axis, turns and turns toward another angle, another day, another world.



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