My Best Pick-Me-Up

This card is from the card deck of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I was tempted to buy the book but it doesn’t say much more than the cards, and Ruiz is another person who has built a financial empire on his New Age ideas, deteriorating into items of reiterated bumph and expensive courses of little content.

I am weary of that sort of thing and don’t bother with people who promote ideas in such a manner. Make money, sure, but don’t make money by offering nothing and then sending me endless advertisements via e-mail. Sorry I wrote you and gave you the chance to misuse my e-mail for your personal marketing campaign. Ah gee, are you my very, very good friend?



I like these cards though and find them quite sensible. The back of the card mentions that your best changes with how tired you are, or if you’re upset or sick. The main thing is to do your best under any circumstances and thus avoid self-abuse and regret.

This resonated with me due to my ongoing problems with chronic pain and insomnia. I do tend to get judgmental with myself. I drew this card a couple of days ago and I’d had to put some knitting down and take a break. I was cranky and sore and I knew I would wreck it if I continued.

A couple of days later I had a good sleep and got up and finished it. It is a top, ski pants, hooded jacket with eyelash yarn as fringe on the hood, plus boots and mittens. Thus far I have completed the first two items. It is a knit-along with other people and if I complete the pants and jacket before the end of the month I get a free knitting pattern for a dress and purse, so it’s worth it to continue.


Okay, it’s for a doll, but right now the smaller items are manageable. I have learned a number of new things with this, including not to procrastinate over sewing things up. There is a lot of sewing up in this pattern. I did my best and it turned out great. Small, doable, and at my best: quite a pick-me-up.

Lark is a stylin’ doll, looking her best and saying “Fie on procrastination!”



2 thoughts on “My Best Pick-Me-Up

  1. Those knitted items look fab. Really nice, whoever they are for or whatever size.

    And I really like that card. You know, it gave me a pick-me-up too. Such a thing worth remembering. I think that it doesn’t matter how big or small something is that we do, as long as we give it our best shot.

    I know what you mean about the email thing. Been there with people too. Got sent a ‘fan request’ on some social networking site once by someone who’s work I’d made an innocent comment about. Gosh, the ego of some people.

    • There are several things in this card deck worth remembering. Book Depository has the deck for the fantastic price of £7.23

      Regarding such egos: I simply let them go. I don’t read their blogs or buy anything from them. Their spam goes into a junk folder. It’s a betrayal of my trust so I delete them from consideration.

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