Watchers in Shadow

KING OF CATS (King of Swords)


This reminds me of my own Siamese cat Stitch who is still struggling to stay alive. He is now on a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection and abscess; we were fortunately able to repeat the prescription from last year without taking him into the vet in these very cold temperatures.

He had a major flare-up of his inflammatory bowel disease three weeks ago and now this. The poor man is skeletal, with all his vertebrae and ribs showing. I have taken to filling a hot water bottle to go under his flannel blankie in the evenings, so he can retain some heat.

He bounces back a little bit less each time, but we bought him a new scratching post and catnip and he liked that. He’s happy now that he can breathe and eat again, but who knows how much longer he will live.

The cat on the card seems to have some tears in his blue eyes, perhaps watching his friend’s health deteriorate. The shadow on the wall reminds me of the souls of old cats watching over Stitch.

The King of Swords is generally a watcher I find, keeping his own counsel but observing everything.



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