Lost in the Hungry Ghost

Brad Mehldau has teamed up with drummer Mark Guiliana to do an album. As always with Brad, there is one track that is just magic, this one called Hungry Ghost. I’ll be playing this one five times in a row, rocketing off to the moon of the mind, bending time into shapes and colours.

Ooooh, there’s a live version too.

This was one of those head-snapping tunes that I heard on the radio and I said “What the hell IS that?” The electronic opening is very much like a Pat Metheny song I used to play over and over again, but then it just evolves.

So that’s me today. Or rather it was me three days ago, since I had some water leakage in the house down a window and wall and had to shovel snow and rush up and down stairs umpteen times, so now am a prisoner of nerve pain, and haven’t been back to complete this post.

Do we want some kind of weird, mystical card to go with this? Yeah sure….

“Spirit orchestrates everyone’s destiny.”


As I explained in my first study of this deck, this card reminds me of one in the Fey Tarot. In my twenties this hip guy would have done it for me, but now I feel tired, sick and old, so a good-looking male has no magic for me. Although that Russian skier who is on the Canadian Olympic cross-country ski team is pretty good looking…

I would rather read a book! My perennial saying, but that’s me.

If Spirit is orchestrating my destiny, allow me to strangle he/she/it. Rationally I understand that life is like this for everyone, good and bad things happen, but I would like a break. This card also reminds me of how when we are young, we can juggle a million things and be on-the-go and we can handle anything. Thirty or forty years later that resilience starts to seep away.

Yuck, she’s talking about soul mates in the book. I have never believed in soul mates, it seems like a fantasy created by people who want someone to save them from the pain of life. We must endure, we live with the pain, this is being human, there is no escape, no soul mate will take it away, or absolve you of feeling and responsibility.

Aha, she says don’t blame the Magical Map Shifter for alerting you to the illusion you cling to. People come to you today as helpers or catalysts for growth etc. I need to shift to a higher frequency.

Oh good, maybe these people can swing by with a hot chocolate and a bickie. Meanwhile I am reading an autobiography by one of my favourite poets, Irving Layton.



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