New Tarot Deck I Actually Like!

UPDATE: I am very fortunate to have been given the chance to buy this four months after my original post. I have used the Blue Dog Rose Tarot frequently on here in the last two years and expect to use the Badgers Forest as frequently. We need our roof repaired and are still paying off some repairs from last year but this is truly special, so it’s an early birthday gift. I don’t see people using it too much online which seems a shame. I find decks like this that aren’t exactly following conventional symbolism quite stimulating.

The decks I like are few and far between lately, but I saw a beauty today, done by one of my favourite artists, Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven who created the Blue Dog Rose Tarot.

It is called the Badgers Forest Tarot and has her usual drop-dead gorgeous animal/nature paintings.


The new deck is $44 USD plus shipping which unfortunately is above my means, particularly after getting my sewing machine repaired, updating the needles and foot and getting batting, which will keep me in the hole for months.

But still, it exists, lalalalala. I absolutely love her Blue Dog Rose Tarot, and have used it a lot (24 times on the blog) and it still lights me up.

I often go on about how I like every deck and they are all valuable to me, but there are some that are just magic and this lady knows how to make them! Here’s to the perseverance of good artists, forging on. She financed this at Kickstarter which is a popular thing, but not something I can do.

Well done, lovely artist of the ether, whom I don’t know but you have a house full of animals, so I am inclined to delight in your success. SO great to see a new deck that is special.

In honour of such fantastic news…here comes #25:

IV OF DOGS (4 of Wands)


Oh boy, he’s in the doghouse, having run himself ragged sewing for dolls. He has to pull in and sit for a bit, but he’s quite happy there watching what’s happening in the yard. He likes the red roof on his house, it makes him feel secure. Content, he can close his eyes and rest and listen to the birdsong.

Hammy races around the Wheel, running toward his birthday and possible funds for a new deck. If only he could trade the first edition Tarot of Prague for this one. Never mind Hammy, good things comes to the hamster who paces himself. The Wheel does turn eventually.



6 thoughts on “New Tarot Deck I Actually Like!

  1. “… I actually like”

    Haha, I understand this. Nothing seems to excite me like it once did. Maybe it is me. Chloe is using the Phantasmagoric on her blog this week. Ah, now there was imagination put to good use.

    I looked at that Daemon one. Nice images, but not sure that the subject is for me. I bet those who love their ‘dark decks’ are ordering it by the truck-full, lol.

    • I was thinking about making a doll that looked like Tom-Tom a couple of days ago–truly!

      At this stage in life, I think it important to focus on positive subjects. Those who like dark decks (or dark anything) seem to lack personal power and authority, so they look for something dark to embolden them, make them secure and feel powerful, but that comes from inside yourself and not from dark posturing.

  2. Ah, well, I like the idea of the Tom Tom doll. Actually, the Phantasmagoric would make a pretty good source for doll and toy inspiration.

    Very interesting what you say about power and authority. I hadn’t thought of it like that. In a sense, those decks become a prop for the kind of person they want to be seen as, maybe.

    • Yes, a prop for people who feel weak and need bolstering.

      Which probably means the entire human race, but most people manage without such props.

    • Hey Vicki, I didn’t realize you read my card blog.

      Aren’t they great? Of course they remind me of The Wind in the Willows. That was one of my favourite books growing up, and we live by woods so get lots of wildlife.

      There’s a British guy who wrote a series of books about moles in a place called Duncton Wood. William Horwood also did some “sequels” to Wind in the Willows but I was a bit wary of reading them.

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