Art is a Way for Big-Nosed Dogs

There is something about January and February for me that brings on anxiety. I have had two nightmares in the past week, one about fire and one about ants. I can feel Winter anxiety burning a hole in my mind.

I have thrown myself into sewing endeavours to alleviate isolation and anxiety. When all else fails you can create and learn.

This is a business card that my friend Steve sent me.

cdbdi TOYS
Toys hand made in London with love.
Dragons, Shrews, Dachshunds, Rabbits, Duck billed platypus and more.


It’s the attack of the big-nosed Dachshunds, bashing anxiety out of the way and leaving room for you to adjust the back seam on that doll pants pattern. If you knew how to draft a pattern it would be better, but hack away with that pencil, one micrometer here or there will not bother the doll.

At least I hope so. The test comes today when I sew the dang thing. Nose it out of the way, get it done, see what happens.



7 thoughts on “Art is a Way for Big-Nosed Dogs

  1. I am so glad that you are making use of the cards I sent you on the blog. There are some good ones, aren’t there! I loved this dog too. There was some fantastic and inspiring things at that place in Chelsea. You rush out and want to make everything, but quickly, you forget: which is why it’s good to be drip-fed these cards here.

    I agree about crafting and anxiety (aside from when something isn’t working out as I want it to, lol). Doing stuff and focusing on things just takes you to a new place. Love the headband with the little flower!

    • Cards are cards, I like ’em all! When I started buying playing cards and then postcards I realized there is another world of cards much bigger than tarot thankfully.

      I loved making that headband and vow to do more. A great one-day project.

  2. Just went and had a look at those great toys. The dragon would be the perfect gift for a friend of mine…if only it wasn’t so pricey!

    Keeping busy crafting always helps…well unless things go wrong of course.

    • Yeah, “unless things go wrong”….I have been having some success lately. It’s so nice when things go right, I feel like a could sew anything on days like that.

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