Gone By…Gone

I left a book group I’d been on for years. They rarely talked about books these days, it was more about television, music or trips. I mentioned a new book I had put on hold at the library and another member said she had read it and it was good. I decided to be bold and ask her why she’d never mentioned it or spoken about the book in the group. She said she was very busy, and used Facebook or Goodreads for book talk.

I find it increasingly tiresome when people state they are “too busy” to do something. Admittedly I am not busy and spend much of my time alone, so I try to understand those with busier lives, but in the end I know that if they can yak on Facebook they aren’t all that busy, just choosing to spend their time at other places.

Communication seemed pointless, so I let that particular group window for communication go finally. Tiresome, wearying, pointless, futile, the endlessly busy world of people rushes by, leaving nothing but a rush of air.

Tapestry woven rug/hanging


This postcard reflects that futile movement for me: hither-thither, up and down in the air currents, but no one is touching. They look like they have points, nosing through space, but in the end it is a disconnected pattern of rapid movement. No one listens, they rush and blow by to go elsewhere.

In the quietude I can make things with my hands, and use colour. No one rushes by and shouts “I’m too busy to bother!”




2 thoughts on “Gone By…Gone

  1. I find this too. People are too busy to read book-club books or get in touch or try something new, but are never too busy to spend the night drinking or find the time to see other people. If someone wants to do something, I think they’ll always find time to. If they don’t, then some will say they’ve been too busy.

    Facebook. Yuck.

    • I’ve tried over the years to get people interested in some new thing I’ve discovered, and people often express enthusiasm for something and then I get “Sorry, I don’t have time.”

      Maybe people are simply too addicted to easy, quick things to bother focusing on something that takes more time? It seems like such a waste of opportunity.

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