Celadon Green in Noticeable Moiré

In the realm of empirical observation, after my fast and 16-day vegan diet and a general subsidence in pain, a few things started creeping back into the diet and I am locked up with pain again.

So now I know. And if I know, why am I still eating the stuff that hurts my body?

Here is a suitable postcard that my friend Steve sent me from a winter fair he went to. I always LOVE it when artists use postcards as advertising.

Porcelain tableware


What a calming, peaceful image. It reminds me of the green Chinese porcelain I like which is called “celadon,” a European term.

On my celadon day, I am picking up my sewing machine which should be humming after servicing, and also going to a tackle shop to buy some hemostats for sewing. Now there’s a new meaning for the term “bait and switch”: only in Canada would you have to scrounge up a tool used for surgical dressing and crafts in a fishing tackle shop.

Here is where you are.




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