I’m Lichen It

Eight hours of sleep. Better.

My Newf is going in for a basic grooming today which I am thankful for because I haven’t been able to brush her since October. She is 10 now and old for a Newf and I don’t like to see her grooming go down, but I can’t bear to set off pain in my arms and legs either since I fell down the stairs. I find she has a sad look in her eyes that my first Newf used to get as he got older, so I’m trying to make sure I notice her more and hug her.

LICHEN, ca. 1950s-1960s
Art by Jung-Koch-Quentell


I never considered lichen much and had no idea there were so many different kinds until I starting reading Loreena Moore’s notes for her Lichen Oracle (not online any more) from a forthcoming book. What a fascinating world.

The December 2013 issue of National Geographic has an article on tumbleweeds that I was reading last night, and it all reminds me of how little we know about the natural world.

Perhaps a day of examining things in more detail, and really finding out what they’re about?



2 thoughts on “I’m Lichen It

    • Holy cow, it’s like a whole other world of mystery. I had no idea, and I’m sure the majority of people don’t know either, that so many, many lichens exist. I bet a lot of us pass a plant and don’t realize that it’s a lichen.

      The minutiae you must know to be able to identify these astounds me.

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