The Crocodile Heart Devours the Day

Nine hours of sleep – whee!

Un crocodile du Nil


The skeleton and the heart of a crocodile, all on an educational wall chart. These postcards have the greatest surprises in them.

The crocodile reminds me of The Fool card in Thoth decks and clones. A day for leaping off cliffs and being flexible (hence the skeleton) and letting the blood in your reptile heart flow.

Actually, this is a Nile crocodile so the tie-in to Thoth is rather apt. Snap!



4 thoughts on “The Crocodile Heart Devours the Day

  1. This is a very neat postcard! I have a small collection of postcards too, but this one is more interesting.

    You know, a couple of nights ago I dreams that a crocodile fell in love with me. He (it?) combed my hair with his teeth! I liked him but it terrified me because I couldn’t help but think that soon he’d realise he’s a WILD animal and would chomp on my head, lol.

    And now references to crocodiles have been showing up here and there… I never bothered to study what crocodiles symbolise but I may have to now.

    • Synchronicity!

      Okay, my symbol dictionary says “The devourer; the necessity of passing through death to life.”

      I can also mean, because it lives on water and land, the duality of man. Crocodiles often represent deceit, treachery, hypocrisy.

      “With open mouth it depicts going against the current, hence liberation from the limitations of the world.”

      “Devour” is the word I think of.

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