Free Your Dreams with Frida

There is a song that Jazz FM in Toronto is playing quite a bit, called Free Your Dreams by Snarky Puppy, a New York based “instrumental fusion” group.

Normally this vocalist would be too R & B for my tastes but the lush, jazzy backgrounds with the mixture of instruments, and the lyrics to the song got to me. I love the clarity of her voice. Of course it’s in a loop in my brain now. I often find myself waking up hearing “Reach up and touch the sky…”

When I ordered the spouse’s Christmas present I was three cents short to get free shipping. Usually when this happens I look for inexpensive postcards or playing cards, and I found some older Dover postcards, a set of Six Frida Kahlo Cards for $2. I don’t have any of her work and only know her from the 2002 biographical movie Frida with Salma Hayak, so this was interesting to buy.



Frida was a woman who had deep physical pain, yet look at what she accomplished.

The lady in the portrait shows the sadness of age and life experiences, but she forges on knitting for her family. This was a commissioned portrait by her son Eduardo Morillo, who had Frida paint several family members and was also a keen collector of Kahlo’s paintings.

This lady is Everymom isn’t she?

I bought a book called How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers by Toni Bernhard. I was worried that this might concentrate too much on illness but it has some great ideas for counteracting those days when you stand in front of the mirror and say “I hate you” or “Why did this happen to me?” or “I can’t stand it any more.”

It’s basically about showing yourself compassion, much as a mother like Dona Rosita Morillo would treat you, with care and understanding, with love. The author has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME or whatever you want to call it. She refers to it as the “garbage pail” diagnosis, when doctors have an inkling of what could be wrong with you but no treatment seems to help. Certain aspects of my physical problems are related to CFS and fibromyalgia; another of the endless variations, spinning out in lives across the world.

So, something different to think about, something to offset my recent hopelessness and despair. You can’t force the awareness that you need to think a different way, but this book came across my path so I figure it was meant to help me, and it has.

As has Snarky Puppy.



2 thoughts on “Free Your Dreams with Frida

  1. Ah, yes, irritating old CFS, I know him well …

    And Frida Kahlo is one of my favourite artists. I have some books about her here and saw her exhibition at The Tate Modern many years ago. Did you see the film? I love how the paintings were created by the actors and actresses, standing in position and then moving.

    I used to have this print in my living room when I lived in London –

    • Hey, that picture is one of the postcards in the collection I bought! I love it–done in 1926, so one of her earlier portraits.

      Yes, I saw the movie a long time ago, so I vaguely remember what you describe. You and the Tate–lucky fellow living relatively close to that great gallery. I still haven’t done all the postcards you guys sent me from there–must do.

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