The Coated Tongue, the Ladder to Nowhere

Yay, my favourite card! I love this one so much.



I didn’t notice before that the ladder is leaning on the building and only goes part way up, leading to nothing. By not going anywhere it might indicate work stopped to rest, or simply being without going anywhere.

I am on day three of a fast so being quiet. After a night of pain I finally got to sleep after refilling the hot water bottle three times, and then a telemarketer woke me up at 6:54 am. Blah.

I feel pretty good, but am releasing a lot of salty mucus from the body. As well as ramped up pain, this indicates to me that I needed a break. I was getting worried that I might have leaky gut syndrome due to the amount of aspirin or acetaminophen I take ever day. It’s best to give fasting a try and see if it alleviates some problems. Early days yet but I have a notebook of empirical observations going!

“I am comfortable in my own skin, as I detach to replenish my soul.”

This is about conscious retreat, not pushing forward in any way, stepping back and having a time-out to replenish energy.


8 thoughts on “The Coated Tongue, the Ladder to Nowhere

  1. That really is a lovely card. It speaks to me too. I actually feel really rested just looking at it. I bet it’s really cosy inside. I bet there is floor to ceiling bookshelves, a warm bed and a chest of tarot and oracle hards. However, looking at the setting, I bet the internet connection is pretty rubbish, haha.

      • Oh yes indeed…too well it seems…having had a flare up the last couple of weeks. I wonder if it really DOES have something to do with the colder weather which in the past I have always put down to being an ‘old wives tale’?

        • Maybe. I also wonder if food could contribute to your pain? I find with myself that wheat and dairy and maybe other things ramp up my pain.

          Have you eaten a lot of junk lately, sweets, or processed food, cheese, restaurant meals? You never know Lorraine.

          • I don’t really eat wheat any more – only in things I home cook and then in only small doses so I don’t think it is this…but definitely something is causing it I am sure. Since August I don’t eat junk or sweets or any processed foods so it is a difficult one.

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