Joycey, the Pathfinder

I started a “Happy Sunday” theme years ago on a tarot group at Yahoo. Usually I would take a photo or scan of a card or public domain graphic that I had modified and title it with “Happy Sunday.” I still occasionally do that when the impulse takes me but I’m still awake at 2 a.m. so it may not be today.

But maybe it will. Ah, let’s do a quickie.

Jumping Jack Joyce, becoming bored doing comparison studies of his four different editions of Homer’s Odyssey, opens up the database and has a look at one of the best decks I own, Pathfinders: The Animal Totem Tarot.

(Click to enlarge)


Mr. Joyce wishes everyone a “Happy Sunday” and feels the urge for some berries and apples in a blended drink.

Thus proving that reading Homer is a berry good thing to do on a Sunday.


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