Will and Flow Have Another Cup of Coffee

My Mother used to sing part of a song while in her cups: “Let’s have another cup of coffee, let’s have another piece of pie.” I’ve heard the song sung on the radio and television, but I never knew where it came from. Good Wikipedia knows.

Today’s interesting fact!

I like a great many Irving Berlin songs, and really must do an inter-library loan for his biography. My next exploration must surely be this gentleman, who had trouble in his life but kept on writing the most wonderful songs, some happy, some sad. I just ordered this in from the library: As Thousands Cheer: The Life Of Irving Berlin by Laurence Bergreen.

I used to sing his song Marie in high school and one of the aloof girls who usually got A++ on her essays snarled at me one day in art class “You think you’re so great just because you know some old songs!” I was so taken aback I stood there without saying anything. Whew, I simply loved the song and it made me happy to sing, strange how people project motives on you if you’re happy and doing things for fun. I get that online too, people think I am this or that, it gets tedious.

I like music, I like to sing things (even though I don’t sing well), I like all kinds of music from early church music, classical, jazz, some rock, and some folk. I like to learn, I like to read a lot, I read history, biography, mysteries, non-fiction, poetry. I make things: I do needlepoint, cross stitch, embroidery with threads and silk ribbons, I hand dye fabric and thread, I do bookbinding, I quilt, I sew, I appliqué, I knit, I paint, I draw, I can cook and bake, I like gardening and plants, I build dollhouses and make things for them, I make jewellery and do bead embroidery and conventional beading, I make my own beads, I like all kinds of things.

Because I like disparate things I don’t like people telling me what to do or that I am a certain way when I’m not. It impedes my progress in learning new things and exploring interesting subjects. It bugs me, it irritates me, it narrows my vision and focus, it interrupts the flow.



She’s dreaming of the next project, dreaming of colours and different authors and subjects to explore.

“Spirit is always waiting to help you – and to heal you – when you’re in need.”

There is some mention here of keeping in conscious contact with your higher power through prayer and meditation. Self-will is not the best way.

Gosh, I already gave it away, I have a very strong will to do what I want.

Oh-oh, it seems there is another kind of flow I am forgetting.

(Hangs head, hums, When My Dreams Come True by Irving Berlin…toodley-do.)



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