Castiglione Rides the Carousel of Life

I notice I have several people following me on both my blogs who could be described as life coaches or lifestyle mentors. It seems to me that they would have no reason to follow my blog except to advertise their services. You know, “Buy my book, buy my video, only I have the magic secrets to unlock your potential.” Better than telemarketing, and cheaper, they follow blogs, get their advertisement in, waiting for you to say “This guy has the answer!!!” and get out your credit card.

I find it amusingly predatory, manipulative, and uninteresting.

In one of my DVD art lectures he was discussing a painting by Raphael that I was not familiar with, a portrait of Baldassare Castiglione. Castiglione wrote a book, a courtly ideal of dinner conversation at the court of Urbino that went through over 100 contemporary editions and was eventually translated into six other European languages plus Latin.

Here is a link to a digital version of the English translation of 1903 in several formats.

Even in our more recent time, Baldassare Castiglione is fascinating; we love our philosophers. Castiglione’s book is in-print and also available in a paperback edition of this 1903 English translation, and in a Kindle edition from Penguin Classics, both available at Amazon. Now this is a man who is interesting. Of course I had to do him as a digital jigsaw, and it was a tough one, given that black, grey, taupe and beige are the predominant colours. I nearly gave up, but kept chipping away at it. (Click to enlarge)


Is there a lesson there that a life coach can’t teach you? Someone said to me that they wouldn’t have the patience to do a jigsaw. I like the ones that are difficult, it’s a mental challenge, an exercise in patience, an exercise in minute recognition of pattern and colour. You teach yourself patience and reason in many actions, you cannot buy it from life coaches.

While I had the file opened to take a screen shot, I placed a dozen more pieces. There you go, you chip away at these things, fitting pieces into place, changing in increments, like life. To make your life better you sometimes have to wait and think and feel, no one can make your life but you. Buying advice does not work, you need to perform the actions of change yourself.

If you get down one day, so what? The predators might see that you’re down and think you a likely customer for their feel-good wares, but eat properly, get some sleep and keep finding those pieces.

Yourself. You cannot purchase a different life.

Oh jolly, let’s have a card…today we are…



Mary Poppins has been to visit you and while riding the carousel with her, your horse has taken off and is flying over a lush maze that has taken years to grow. Blossoms and bubbles and ribbons in the air, your heart expands and nearly bursts with the feeling of freedom and the blue of the sky surrounding you.

“You have the power to see things from a higher perspective.” Soar above life’s challenges AND opportunities and a new perspective appears. Like a maze, you can’t see the pattern while you are walking it, you have to look at it differently. No one can sell you a different view, you have to create it yourself. Exactly so.

Hey, I’ve got a video on how to say the same thing 30 different ways, only $49.95 plus shipping. You will be amazed at the awareness you will receive.

Or you can use your time to work it out yourself.

Maybe while doing a jigsaw.



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