The $11.51 Magenta Flower for the Mind

I haven’t bought a card deck since June. That’s five months, and must be the longest time I’ve ever gone without buying a deck since I bought my first one.

I ordered The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards. Why is that? Because the illustrator has some interesting juxtapositions of objects and landscapes; it’s somewhat surreal and quirky. I’ve had my eye on it for a while but new decks these days have such little depth of thought or artistic talent, so I waited and let it settle for a bit.

The price of $11.51 CAD had something to do with it too. I don’t want to pay much for decks lately. The last two sets I bought from Schiffer were awful and they were $40. Never again.



And yeah, I bought something for myself so I feel guilty. Ha-ha, talk about accuracy.

I had a terrible day, absolutely terrible, fuelled by sneezing and blowing and blubbering away and feeling enormously depleted physically. So I bought something pretty.

It’s like a magenta flower for the mind, underpinned by a guilty swoosh of sickly olive green.




5 thoughts on “The $11.51 Magenta Flower for the Mind

  1. Oooh, the guilt. I know that one.

    But I think you more than deserve a treat after your fall and all of the work you do. Something pretty should do it. Can’t wait to see how it is when it comes!

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