Reaping Facets of Sunflowers

When I got up this morning I looked at my ceramic tile of one of the cards from the Dreaming in Color Luman Deck, and thought I should take a picture of it. Then I thought “Why take a picture of this when you can use the deck?” What a concept!



I know I often say this, but I’d forgotten how glorious this deck is. Nine years later and it really holds up.

Harvest after a job well done. I’m perpetually in the middle of various projects, but now about 60% finished with the top-down cardigan I am making. I’m also fiddling in my new sketchbook, planning a graphic for the cover and title page. I’m also reading fiction and non-fiction and viewing my art course and listening to my courses on Shakespeare, and sewing and planning. I was eyeing a jigsaw I started some years ago and then rolled up for lack of room, and thinking I could put a card table up to do the jigsaw on since my drafting board has projects on it. I enjoy the digital puzzles so much as they don’t hurt my back to stretch and reach for pieces but they do hurt my hand.

Small offshoots have the capacity to grow beyond my fondest expectations. I hope so as I’d really like to get drawing. More work needs to be done, don’t rest on my laurels sayeth the book.

I remember hauling out an old library book that was falling apart but that had good photographs of birds, and I found a nice photograph of an American Black Duck with a head and bill that intrigued me. I was going to do a graphite grisaille drawing and tint it with coloured pencil after, but got too tired. At the time my arms were giving me lots of trouble and tendinitis hampered my ability to draw for any length of time. It still does but I don’t get the acute pain I used to because I’ve learned to pace myself and do things in increments.

When I showed a scan of the duck drawing to someone she asked to see a large scan. I think she thought I’d traced it. No such thing, the Staedtler or Pentel white eraser is your friend, always remember. But it bugged me that she said that. Nothing I ever did was enough for this woman. When I had my business I didn’t do marketing or web site design properly. I apparently didn’t draw properly or adequately, and I wasn’t putting forth the effort required by her. I was neither famous or a “professional” so did not merit her cultivation.

I vividly remember a dream I had about her where I’d gone to visit her but I couldn’t find her house after walking and walking. I kept trying to find a phone box but I didn’t have enough change. And finally in my dream and in reality I realized the connection was gone. It took me that dream to wake up to that.

The card Reaping reminds me that they are facets that other people can’t see of you, and while you might not be doing enough for someone, if you keep learning and adding to your skills, that is fine, you will certainly reap a positive benefit. This was done in January 2006, and I have improved my ability at contrast—this one is all midtones and hasn’t got enough contrast. Always a tough one to learn when you draw or paint and I’m continually learning it.


I still like that duck bill. In my new sketchbook I think I might like to draw a duck again, this time in colour.

You can’t duck reaping, it winds, it wends, it quacks.



8 thoughts on “Reaping Facets of Sunflowers

  1. That is a lovely card, I love the colours.

    I also really like the drawing of the ducks head and bill. It comes up very light on my screen, but I am guessing that is partly because it was scanned in and also because of the shading you mentioned. Will look forward to seeing the next one.

  2. I used to have this deck… I think I traded it away years ago. Never missed it but seeing your post made me a bit nostalgic…

    That’s an impressive drawing, in my opinion. And you are right – sometimes when are learning and exploring skills that make no sense for other people, and that seem like they will never be worth the effort… but then, in the future, the points connect and you were glad you were preparing yourself for an opportunity you didn’t even know you’d have when you started.

    You have to believe the dots will connect even if no one else believes.

    • It’s the first deck I felt compelled to write about and use to write a review–just something special for me. I still feel that way about it.

      Thanks for your comments on artwork–I know YOU get it! I often get discouraged since I have to limit my time with drawing or painting because of my hands, but it all adds up as you say, and the opportunities open up.

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