Under the Blasted Oak

I awoke, I came downstairs to clean the kitty litter and check my e-mail, and I fell down the last three steps, slamming into the concrete and spraining my left ankle (yet again.) I badly sprained it nearly three years ago and was hobbling for months.

So after two good days where I felt pretty decent I am out of commission. My husband had to take the day off because I can’t move around and take the dogs out.



There is an old George Formby song I like called Under the Blasted Oak, and seeing the lightning on this card reminds me of that. The sunset or the dawn is disturbed by a storm. Too true.

In the book she refers to steadfastness with the oak. The oak’s strong electrical conductivity makes it prone to being hit by lightning. Maybe that’s my problem, I have strong electrical conductivity?

Oak can give me outer physical power and inner emotional strength whenever I need them. I need it today, I cried and cried to be hobbled again.



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