Carl Contained in the Watchtower

I was watching a series about the ancient Frankincense Trail, a trade route that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In episode one they first gathered frankincense in Oman and then travelled with it through Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and then into Israel in subsequent episodes.

In the last episode I was struck by some of the crumbling stone watchtowers, high in the desert near the ancient stone city of Petra in Jordan. The watchtowers reminded me of a card in the Rohrig Tarot, so I pulled it out.



My scanner is not catching the reddish glow to this card, it is more attractive in the real world.

What struck me today was the idea of retained energy. Yes, it can feel oppressive but containing your energy is not always a bad thing. Self-containment in fact can nurture energy because you aren’t throwing it out, wasting it in chatter or mindless pursuits.

I have found the Internet a burden lately. It seems everywhere I go people are buying and buying and then buying some more. Perhaps it is the onset of winter, but I feel more contemplative, so in that sense “oppression” and “suppression” with this card feels right.

I am still waiting for a store to phone me about a sketchbook I have been trying to find since May or June. The store apparently has them in their warehouse but as yet they aren’t available. I’m waiting for that. The figure in the card is glowing, head bowed, contemplating action, but not quite ready.

Retained energy glows, it feels vibrant, it feels vital, it makes the body hum.



2 thoughts on “Carl Contained in the Watchtower

    • I got that feeling when I took it out last night to find this card. I used to work so much with the Rohrig and it holds up, it is still magic. I like a good deck like that, but like you I don’t see much lately that is good.

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