A Trio in Gardens by the Bay

I felt like using the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot today, and since I’m on this digital jigsaw kick to keep myself sane, I went looking for a backdrop of Singapore to use, since that’s where Ash, the creator of the deck, lives.

I stumbled across the very interesting Gardens by the Bay, which was built on 101 hectares of reclaimed land and has three waterfront gardens, a conservatory complex, and this awe-inspiring Supertrees Grove, in which the tree structures are actually vertical gardens. The grove reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s columns in the building he designed and built for the Johnson Wax Company.

I got the card deck out and decided to wing it and just browse and pick three cards.

2 OF HEARTS ( 2 of Cups)
JACK OF SPADES (Knight of Swords)
6 OF SPADES (6 of Swords)


I almost put the Jack of Spades back, in fact I did twice put him back because he has always frightened me. Then I said to myself “Perhaps you should confront the one you fear” and bravely pulled him out again.

He is Ash’s familiar Lytta, as she calls him, and he is her guide. I remember her talking about him years ago so went and hunted that up (or one post anyway) and she describes his tears of painted ink: he hides the sorrow he feels for us with this act of painting his skin to make himself look hideous.

So maybe Lytta is on my side after all? And here I was thinking him to be the embodiment of odious evil. Maybe this is a nod to looking deeper into people before you say they are good or bad. I often pull the Knight of Swords, so maybe Lytta really is trying to get me to see him?

The 2 of Hearts is often about relationships, marriage, good friendships. Sharing and being open. That’s a good thought for today.

The 6 of Spades is one I usually call the Journey Card. Sometimes we are forced on the journey. Are those swords on the ground or crosses? I think I am being forced on a journey, having spent the last few days ill, and having to pull right back to eating fruit and raw vegetables. The brick wall at my back leaves me no choice, but there do seem to be stepping stones or swords available if I go forward.

Of course, I couldn’t close without a shot of the jigsaw puzzle being solved. Lytta is hiding on me, he likes a bit of a game you see, especially with people who assume he is a bad fellow.


That would be me.




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