The Sky is Easy

The sky is easy, it’s all the stuff under it that’s hard. Some how this seems like a philosophical maxim. Yeah, all you indigo children shoot down out of the sky to earth and then you have to deal with the trees and scrub in the gorge. You are warned.



Did you know it would be so hard, down here on the earth, rooting around in the gorge for food and combatting bloody insects? Be wary or you might end up like Cheddar Man, a skeleton in the gorge, lost for 9,000 years.

The gorge attracts 500,000 visitors per year and is susceptible to flooding, you in your chair sobbing about nothing on a Sunday. You might think the gorge was barren of anything of interest, but several species of wildflower and herb grow here, one nearly obliterated by collectors. Even three species unknown to science have been discovered recently here. You just never know what’s on the ground you are walking on.

Climbing a rock ain’t so bad; hominids have done it since prehistoric times. Come firewitch, come hornbeam, we forge on in the gorge.

Plus you can turn it into a neat-oh digital jigsaw, thus ensuring your brain has something to sort out to keep it in line.


And if that doesn’t do it, knit a sweater and give the brain something to count. When not rock climbing, the brain likes to count things. Numbers, are the Cheddar Gorge sky for the brain.


Proof that any postcard can be turned into a philosophical treatise.

And you thought they were ephemeral bits of card stock hanging around in a drawer!!



4 thoughts on “The Sky is Easy

  1. Did I send this one too? I know I sent a handful but can’t remember which.

    I love these jigsaw images. They make the pictures look so good.

    Haha, to the indigos. I don’t know if you saw my Indigo draw or not. I bought it for the pictures, not the indigos, lol

    • Yes, you sent this one too! I was pleased because I knew nothing of Cheddar Gorge, thanks.

      The Indigo thing: I never understand why people need the designation, or the need for some sort of belief or security that they are “extra” special. Each person is extra special simply because they exist. This is a biological fact, what’s wrong with that? Why isn’t that enough?

      But hey, that’s just me.

      • None of that stuff floats my boat either. Maybe we can file it under new-age nonsense? The deck works well without any kind of interest in indigos. I choose my oracles for the words, as well as pictures, and I thought these would work for me. Regardless of the indigo-ness of what is written, the definitions in the guide book are pretty down to earth.

        God, I did get busy with my postcard buying, didn’t I? You know most people didn’t even get one! lol. I just remember that everywhere we went, we hunted about for the perfect postcard, saying ‘Is this one ‘Judy’ or is it not?’.

        Did you research the caves in CG? We didn’t actually go in them (another one of those experiences which cost an arm and a leg and was built around kids and add ons we were not interested in) but Kate said they are very magical and beautiful.

        • I appreciated the cards, I have had such fun with them. The ones you sent me from the Tate Gallery were wonderful too. I love getting postcards. Someone else sent me some from Hawaii and one from Cambodia that are great too.

          I read about the caves in Cheddar Gorge but I guess like you, I get a bit put off by commercializing nature. I had no idea Cheddar Gorge was so extensive, it was quite an eye-opener.

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