I Travel to Bath to Visit Roma Eterna

Forging on with another postcard from my friend today. I decided to scan it in and do a jigsaw of it. I have been making my digital puzzles much larger recently at 400 to 500 pieces with takes some time on my tiny laptop screen.


“The baths were built by the Romans in the 1st century AD, which they dedicated to their own goddess of healing, Minerva, and to the Celtic goddess Sulis.”


I haven’t been feeling well but I am planning to teach myself how to knit a top-down seamless sweater and I am waiting for the appropriate needles in the mail. In the meantime I am solving jigsaws and reading books while waiting to feel better.

I absolutely love to scan in my card decks and make images with them for digital jigsaws. I usually like a nice background or some sort of interesting montage. When I was really sick the last two weeks I found some good home decor and art images (including a fabulous painting by Toller Cranston, one of my favourite artists) and downloaded them to make jigsaws of. But I must have a rummage in the cards and do up some pictures later today.

Roma Eterna is a book of short stories by Robert Silverberg. They are alternate history stories set in the present day, but Rome did not fall, the Romans are still in charge of the world. Very thought provoking.

This is a large, beautiful postcard, kindly sent to me by Prince Lenormand during a recent holiday he took gadding about England, seeing the sites in Somerset.

So far I am here:


I am a person who likes to get that border done first. I like to be organized about these things; I have an orderly mind. I did manage to let myself do other bits while searching for border pieces, so I’m not too rigid.

Not too inflexible, but I like my borders there FIRST you understand, la-dee-da.



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