The Wheel of Pins and Needles

No, it isn’t the Wheel of Fortune, it’s the Four of Wands.



I laughed at this because the spokes reminded me of knitting needles. I placed an e-mail order for some knitting needles right before I drew this card. I have yarn for about five sweaters that I’ve had for some time. Originally they were supposed to be done on the knitting machine but I was having some trouble winding the yarn and waxing it so I gave up. I had done some swatches on the machine but I will rip them out and redo them by hand.

I didn’t have the right circular needles for teaching myself how to do a seamless sweater, and I needed some larger double-pointed needles for the sleeves. I place the order and she phoned me and is mailing them today so maybe by Friday they will arrive.

So, “completion of a life phase or the cycle positions you for a new beginning.” I will take this as positioning for a new beginning, and also the completion of a life phase because the first yarn I have was purchased in the 1990s. I was going to throw it out but thought I could still use it and I can. I did fair-isle sleeves on the machine and will re-purpose them for a pillow maybe, but the rest of the yarn was sitting here for 15 years.

When learning something, you don’t want to use the fancy yarn. Complete the phase!



4 thoughts on “The Wheel of Pins and Needles

  1. I am convinced that the deck artist probably made that for the Wheel of Fortune and the publisher changed it. Sometimes I think artists just paint and they sort out later what goes where.

    Proving once again that you can make of these decks what you want, because the artist and publisher do.

    • Good point. I was thinking similar. There are some cards in the Hidden Realm where you can imagine a publisher saying ‘You got any paintings of elfin looking girls sitting on a rock? .. yeah? .. that’ll do .. lets use that one for this card’. I always thought that the Devil and Death in the China Tarot looked round the wrong way.

      • A lot of the “illustrator for hire” decks are like that but it often gives you quirky, skewy looks at archetypes. I’ve never minded as long as the art is good.

        I like art that gets mixed up a bit. I am not a purist or rampant fundamentalist with regard to tarot. The old “that shouldn’t be on the _______ card” argument was always tiresome for me, no matter what the deck. I never cared, and still don’t. It’s much more fun and more of a challenge to come to grips with what is there. I like a challenge, I like the fresh energy that hits you in the face from mixing things up.

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