Jack Skellington Examines Skelita and Death and the Whole Damn Thing

Due to the influence of the humorous and creative Submerina, I went looking for a Monster High doll called Skelita. She has a face painted with symbolism from the Mexican Day of the Dead and a skeletal body. Even under her dress is a skeletal rib cage and pelvis—very neat.


I thought Skelita could use the Jack Skellington key chain I’ve had for years as a doll for a doll, and while I was at it I scrounged up another little skeleton called Skeletor hanging around on my tarot shelf. Jack has been hanging with Dr. Lock from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot for years now, but he is interested in anthropology so is keen to get to know Skelita. When last seen these two skeletons were hanging with General Patton and Jumping Jack Joyce. The roister-doister boys of my tarot collection, they enjoy schmoozing.

On sale for $12, the Lagoona Blue doll reminded me of the Page of Cups in Tarot, so I have renamed her Page. Here Page and Skelita examine some cards that their colourful outfits reminded me of.


Skelita is enjoying the Death card from the Karma Tarot. Page is rhapsodizing over the Child of Hearts from the Inner Child Cards, who is Goldilocks and while she doesn’t exactly have yellow hair, Page has sea green and yellow hair.

I thought this was charming because the page represents a young person, or perhaps a young-at-heart person. Page has fins and webbed fingers and seems to embody the watery/fishy aspects of the Cups suit.

These two dolls might examine a few cards over the next little while.

Easy now kids, don’t get too excited. Art and colour and archetypes and dolls and skeletons, oh my!



6 thoughts on “Jack Skellington Examines Skelita and Death and the Whole Damn Thing

  1. Ooh, I like Skelita. I think that my friend’s daughter has one of these dolls. I remember looking at it in a cafe with her. These ones look great and I’m very much looking forward to their walk through more cards.

      • Just looking at them again brought back the rush of excitement. I used them for fashion-illustration at the time. Did photo stories.

        There doesn’t seem to be many good male dolls about. The Bratz boys seem to far more expensive than they ever were. And I was looking at the Monster High boys (love the one with the blue face) and they seem outrageously expensive too. I wonder if there are any other nice, but cheaper, boy dolls out there. It would probably make sense to look through charity shops. I gave away all of my five Bratz dolls 😦

  2. Tonner has gorgeous male dolls, often sculpts from movies etc. but they are expensive at $150-$250. Ridiculous prices.

    Ken doesn’t cut it for you eh? Poor Ken, so readily available but not much sought after. They might have better ones these days now that they produce collector edition Barbie.

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