Blah Dentist, Blah

Time for the dentist. I’m already having a severe pain flare-up so I’m not too keen. I haven’t felt like writing or being on the computer, but I’m doing some knitting and embroidery and reading mysteries like mad.

Here is an old postcard I found while cleaning my bedroom closet. It is from my Dad in 1997.



A complete service is provided such as dining lounge, cafe, laundromat, licensed premises, general store, ice trailer, post office, boat launching, government harbour, excellent fishing and a scenic wonder. This is truly a photographer’s paradise.


My Dad would have been here on his boat, it is way, way up the coast of British Columbia. he always loved the Desolation Sound area.

Never to go there again unfortunately but he still sometimes talks about the boat as if he was just on it.

A sunset picture indeed.


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