Chalice in the Garden

Well, not in my garden, but in a garden across the pond in Somerset.

Photographed by Bob Croxford

“The waters of the Mendips travel deep underground before emerging in the gardens of the Chalice Well.”


I was not familiar with the Chalice Well until someone commissioned me to make a tarot bag years ago related to Glastonbury. This is the back of the bag I showed previously in a post. The photograph I used was with permission of a photographer, and he agreed to let me use it for this one-of-a-kind creation. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of the bag back and it was out of focus, but you get the idea. There is another copper spiral nestled in the floral embroidery here.


Although I don’t have the deck, the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert has a lovely rendition of this well with the lid open.


I spent three hours tidying and cleaning to uncover my dining table yesterday. It also involved cleaning off the sideboard, ironing board (again) and my drafting table downstairs. I need another drawer unit to store things so I’m going to try and pick one up today at a store as we are going to a bigger town to shop and go to the library. I hope finally to get this place organized. It is very disheartening when you can’t keep your home tidy, so before winter sets in I want to rectify this mess. What you can’t see on the right is a one foot stack of books and junk on the sideboard. That’s all tidy now at least.


My back is sore today, I feel sick if I try to bend down. If often gets sore but this seems to be a deeper torture lately. I’ll just have to putter away as best I can.




2 thoughts on “Chalice in the Garden

  1. Yes! Seamstress-crafter-paper-loving-tarotistas unite in tidying ALL THE THINGS! Even if it means having to learn the new places for everything *doi* May your back be cooperative in your endeavours; chronic pain is the booby prize of life >|:|

    • I uncovered the table at last! Now I can sew again after seven months of having the poor sewing machine buried.

      I also uncovered about five unfinished projects. 😉

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