Skipp to the Tor

This is a lovely, large card I received from my friend Steve when he and his partner were on holidays in Somerset. My grandfather lived in Somerset for a time, and I once made a custom tarot bag with the Glastonbury Tor on it, so I was keen on this lovely piece of art.

From an original water-colour by David Skipp


I tried looking David Skipp up but he doesn’t seem to have a web site. Someone on eBay UK is selling his postcards, and I noticed one person mentioning a framed print of one of David’s watercolours, purchased in the 1980s.

I LOVE the sky in this picture.


UPDATE:  I was asked in the Comments section if I had any pictures of the tarot bag I made for a customer with the Tor on it, so I am posting an image of the front. I will post the back in a later post.





8 thoughts on “Skipp to the Tor

  1. I knew you’d appreciate that one 🙂

    I sent my parents a smaller version as a postcard. It’s sitting on the bookshelf and is such a soothing, calming image. I like it a lot and glad you brought it to the blog. Didn’t I send you something similar from Boscastle the year before?

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