Steady Hermann Speaks to the Boar

I occasionally read tarot blogs by other people. I have the feeling after several months that a sprinkling of them, notably those people offering courses or books or in some way involved in going to studios and meet-ups and such, tend to be rather insular if you aren’t part of their select group.

I suppose this makes sense as a protective measure, and a way of hanging around with like-minded people. I think hanging around with good, positive, active people is a good thing, but I guess I’m never going to be let into this particular party because I don’t follow someone’s book or group. I haven’t paid or I haven’t toed the party line, or whatever it takes. Respect for the Self, for the way you are is quite important I feel. If others don’t respect you then pass them by. I am not a group person, although I enjoy chatting to like-minded people.

I have decided to stop following and reading a few noted blogs and commenting. So long.

I was reading some things on chronic pain, and it does tend to isolate you. People either think you’re faking or they can’t help you and give up, leaving you alone in a room. Still, being alone is rather pleasant, it opens the world of imagination.

Let’s have a card for this today….runs upstairs….grabs a deck she hasn’t used for a while……and pulls out the Haindl Tarot.



The Chariot was the card that got me to buy my first tarot deck. So I think of journeys, but beginning the journey anew.

Red for energy, and the mythical boar/wolf represents deep fears. The lone figure looks like it is embracing the world, rising above it, but is actually full of fear, deep unnameable fears.

The boar is a family symbol since it is involved in my maiden name, so this speaks of old fears of not belonging, of not measuring up that I’ve had since childhood. A boar’s head, as this is, can be about the vitality contained in the head and preservation from danger. Boars are thought of as solitary, forest dwellers. And the wolf is the frightening aspect of night and hunting, like fears that haunt you more at night. They are often very brave.

Internal steadiness comes first. The figure holds his ground, despite the movement underneath him. He’s going to ride it out. The Hebrew Cheth associated with this card means a fence or boundary, which reminds me of the boar and maintaining my own head and vitality.

Self-determination and control, the blessing of fences. And if you don’t belong, so what? It is merely an old fear. I shall root around in my forest here for a truffle and be done with it.




3 thoughts on “Steady Hermann Speaks to the Boar

  1. Oh, and what decks did I cause you to buy? I always like to hear about such things.

    I think I’m going to switch to playing cards for a few days and generally mess around with them.

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