Reviving Elizabeth with Thomas Willement

For some reason I haven’t felt like pulling cards. This is unusual for me as I keep this blog pretty current and a dry period is rare. I am in a general slump so tend to pull back from talking when that happens. However, there is always visual stimulation. I bought a couple of books on drawing. I don’t have the money, but winter is looming and I am stuck in the house with pain this week.

Anyway, enough of that, how about a nice visual? Okay.

From the National Trust postcards I have:

A plasterwork ceiling in the Elizabethan Revival style by Thomas Willement, c. 1830. Charlecote Park, Warwickshire.


This is from the drawing room at Charlecote Park in Warwickshire, a room that Queen Elizabeth I was supposed to have stayed in, hence the design being Elizabethan Revival.

Thomas Willement was a 19th century stained glass artist, specializing in Medieval, heraldic, and Tudor designs. He loved the old designs and seems to have re-discovered old techniques in stained glass that had been lost to time. I don’t think he actually made this himself, it would have been done by experienced tradesmen in plaster, but the design is his.

This room is quite an eye-catcher. Over-the-top in many ways but the ceiling really picks up the regal look. You can imagine a royal progress in the 16th century, with Elizabeth trooping in with her enormous trunks and staff and carriages.


This is an old 12th century family property, packed with history and fine furniture and art, demolished, remodelled and redesigned along the way. The current house was built in Tudor times, and the original family still lives there, with their rooms closed off to the public. This room must have been cheery and warm both night and day, the plasterwork ceiling really looks beautiful.

And musician Bob Geldof now lives in Thomas Willements’s old house, Davington Priory, which is an old priory that escaped destruction during Henry VIII’s reign. Willement did some restoration work on it in his time, he loved Tudor things and bringing them back to life.

Now you know.

Buy thee postcards, tour the world.




2 thoughts on “Reviving Elizabeth with Thomas Willement

  1. For me it’s the vivid yellow walls–a bit too OTT, and I am not keen on yellow. Although, they do seem to go in this setting.

    Yeah that rug is a bit twee. But then it’s like garden lattice so perhaps fitting in such an estate?

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