Wolf Brings Self-Reliance and Self-Acceptance With a Dash of Topiary

I have been having problems with my printer, even with new cartridges. Epson has told me that it needs service but  service is expensive, so I should simply buy a new printer. I just spent $90 on 4 new cartridges! Welcome to the corporate world, where junking a machine every two years is the norm. Do the silly buggers actually think I would buy another of their machines?

So I decided I would print off some PDF patterns and my posts so far in the Play Architecture category to use up ink. The images will be a bit streaky, since some of the print heads have dried ink on them which appears to be unfixable. Norton is still hijacking my computer and causing it to overheat.

We still have a wasp problem as do our next door neighbours. We have done nothing on holidays except clean and paint and fuss over the house. I did manage to get to Canadian Tire and Home Depot but only for things for the house. We went to our local landfill to drop off old paint cans and hazardous materials. This is my “holiday” time, and only four days left.

I have hurt my neck cleaning windows and frames so have had to defer painting my closet. I’m reading an interesting book on the history of Sissinghurst, and its gardens and farm, so shall get stuck into that and try to blow the world out of mind.

WOLF – Nine of Fossils (9 of Pentacles)


Contentment and the feeling of commitment and perhaps enjoying the fruits of your labours. Acceptance of the self, except I feel absolutely no acceptance for myself right now.

Wolf is reminding me that you have to take pleasure in things, the things that are going well. Enjoy the garden and the birds and pets, and be satisfied that you have beautified the surroundings somewhat. Time alone focusing on inner riches in the isolation is also a good attitude at this time. You are your own best friend. Hard to do.

“Acknowledge both inner darkness and light by loving all of yourself.”

And read of Sissinghurst.





2 thoughts on “Wolf Brings Self-Reliance and Self-Acceptance With a Dash of Topiary

  1. You have been Superwoman lately with all of these jobs! You may not have the power to fly but you’ve got a damn big tub of Polyfila, so those up to mischief better watch out or get Polyfilled!

    This card seems really apt, showing you being active in your immediate environment, making it all look better and using your skills. I see a time to sit back and appreciate your accompishments now. I agree that it’s a nice message.

    Ah, your other secret weapon, the sewing machine … 🙂

    • My sciatica has flared up–not sure about sewing but I can make a stab at clearing the table.

      I’ve got a necklace sitting there to finish too.

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