In Which Serenity Meets the Reality of Old Spines



Her back is killing her, but after a sleepless night worrying about wasp and earwig nests, she has sprayed them and put screening over drainage holes in the windows where they were getting into the house. The spouse also checked the attic for the first time in years for mould and wasps and it was fine.

She decluttered and washed most of the floor in the furnace room preparatory to getting a new propane furnace.




She washed all the light fixtures upstairs and her grungy bedroom windows.

She swept and washed several floors and did dishes and got the house back to normal after waiting for the new thinset and grout in replacement tiles to dry.

At some point, the things we moved into the spare bedroom in the basement from the furnace room have to go back, but the shelves have all been reorganized and washed and extraneous junk discarded. The room looks a bit full here, but the pine shelves on the right will be going away eventually.


Tomorrow she is finally ready after taking out another green garbage bag of stuff from her bedroom closet, to paint it white and eradicate the 44 year-old aqua colour. And she has to do a few paint touch-ups in the living room, and then all the old cans of paint can be taken to the recycling place.

She being me. As satisfying as it is to get things done, and we’ve done a lot in the last three weeks, it’s also tiring. But still, I sit having a morning tea on the sunporch, surrounded by sun and pets and jobs done, and feel the serenity of this card, even happiness.




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