Naga Companions

Here I am thinking it’s Sunday but it’s Tuesday.

Our contractor came by and replaced five tiles in the floor, two in the kitchen and three on the sunporch at the entrance. It took him four hours to break and chip the old tiles out and chip away some of the thinset from the orange mat underneath. He got the new tiles and thinset down and then left. He has a new job but said he’ll be back some night to grout the tiles. Let’s hope it’s tonight as my kitchen and sunporch are closed off again. We can walk by to get downstairs if we step carefully around the new tiles, but I can’t cook because one of the tiles is right in front of the sink between the sink and stove, nor can we let the pets in or use the sink.

At least he came. After he left we had enough time to drive to to Michael’s and pick up the two pictures I had framed for my birthday.

So, let my pick a lovely card for the day….



The figure here is flanked by Naga fish/serpent pillars, bathing by moonlight, it looks like the Moon is eclipsing the Sun, which involves a momentary disturbance but you can see the stars during the day.

The Naga can take human form. Tattooed on the back of the swimmer in this card is the Empress (which is actually a tattoo that Ash herself has on her back I believe), wrapped with two Naga. They often suffer because of what mankind does, and the Empress holds a position of crucifixion in her card with the Nagas wrapped around her, but here it is like the figure is bathing in their protection. Nagas will retaliate when humans are ignorant in their acts and treat the Earth poorly. Water unconscious and wise surrounds, embodied by these two serpents of water.

The Moon is full, so all three figures seem to be pulled toward its dark radiance. The Moon for me is always about cycles, waxing, waning. Disturbances can be waded through if you use insight and intuition, sensing, feeling cool water smooth your body. It’s a mystery card, a passage of mystery, but unavoidable, like a cycle that comes around in its time.

Face it, don’t fight it. All the fears and uncertainties will pass like an eclipse, but you will learn something from them. Perhaps simply patience and the ability to accept what you walk toward?




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