Determined Fighter Guy Gets a Move On

Two more cards in this deck stuck together, so who am I to disregard that?

8 OF CHALICES (Opportunity)


They’ve got it wrong, the real name of the Knight is Mr. Harum-Scarum, a particular buddy of mine and frequent visitor.

Here he is hoping to inspire my husband to charge around getting some things fixed in the home. He promised me that he would make calls and sort things out while he was on holidays. I will believe it when it happens, although with the Law of Attraction one is supposed to believe it first and then it will happen.

The 8 of Chalices, the Moving On card as I call it, is also about profitable dealings according to this deck, as well as ending one relationship and beginning a much better one. Perhaps I should trust the Knight this time?

I had three hours of sleep last night so not feeling great. I seem to be in a sleepless cycle again. Oh to find some peace. I keep wishing The Fighter will save me, but I suppose it’s unrealistic. Barring that I will read some new books and drink some fruit. Today was the crap shoot of banana, nectarine and strawberry, tumbling through the sky.



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