Uncertainty is the Norm

These two popped out together today. The Tower in this deck, the Law of Attraction Tarot, is rather unusual. The Tower seems to be a human figure made of rock looking at a tree that is being hit by lightning.



The Tower always gives me the whim-whams, making me cringe to think of big changes or trouble. I rather think this card shows our human inflexibility and rigidity, whereas nature and natural forms allow some bending in a storm.

I am reading a library book called The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman, and he suggests that we might be better off embracing classical Stoicism and the Buddhist view of non-attachment in life. Humans apparently fear uncertainty more than anything else, hence our current society’s emphasis on goals and optimism and positive thinking, anything to cover up this inherent uncertainty and our fear. And yet, uncertainty and change are a regular part of being human, it’s the way life is. While a goal is fine, we must also realize that improvisation and flexibility need to be factored in, or we can cause ourselves harm by not adapting and accepting circumstances, by grabbing onto a rigid goal, without using our imagination to change it as needed.

He cites some interesting examples and talks about our current business models and the harm they have caused us economically, and also the harm they do to human health and relationships. A really fresh book given our current propensity for motivational living and the endless pushing and rushing of the grand meritocracy of Western society. All the feel-good seminars in the world will not save you from the reality of being human and the nearly constant uncertainty. I found the book a revelation.

The 7 of Swords allows us a light at the end of the tunnel and hope. A better direction will occur to you if you choose to ride the lightning bolts of uncertainty with patience and awareness.

Get used to it, they never go away!



4 thoughts on “Uncertainty is the Norm

  1. Am still learning to embrace the Tower–shake ups don’t always have to be bad, but I like the idea of riding the lightning bolt–scary, but it will get you to the place you are going (yikes!). On another note, my daily draw was the Devil…

    • I have my Towers notebook–I always wanted to do a protracted study of the card in it but the gal I was going to work with didn’t have time and I didn’t carry on. These BIG archetypes, the scary ones, merit some study, some insight.

      Years ago I did a shadow work journal entry with the Devil. He can get to you!

  2. A very intense reading–but I like your view on it. It’s true that sometimes you simply can’t ignore the idea that there’s uncertainty. I saw something in which someone said that uncertainty is actually far more comforting than all the worries and strange ideas we have most of the time. Maybe becoming comfortable with uncertainty is a good idea. It is a hard one though.

    • It’s funny Hannah, I felt as I was reading like a weight lifted off me, to just acknowledge that uncertainty is not such a bad thing and must be accepted.

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