You Are Here at 2 a.m.

I was up at 2 a.m. for several hours. The restlessness of yesterday and this morning has produced a continual loop of the annoying 1970s rock Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, which I heard on the radio days ago but it won’t go away, driving me nuts and causing me to grind my teeth more.

And you thought you had big problems.

Today’s card of cheer is from my wonderful Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot. I think this tarot has won the prize for the deck I use the most.



Take that Queenie. You with your open heart and chakra. Your openness has caused you to receive the transmission of poisonous rhythms of cheesy, jaggedly repetitive rock songs. Now the gulls have noticed you bleeding and you’re in big trouble.

Ah, I find it interesting that in the notes for this deck, we are made aware that the Queen could be rising up from the water or she could be submerging herself. The third eye helps her perceive the world differently, as does the ambiguity of her current position of immersion in water. Being a Queen, she is still in control though, as waves of fearless power crash about her. Random seagulls might take extra care or she could snap at them with her teeth and pull them into the water to drown.

So emotions surround and lap at your body, but if you remain open to feeling the situation, perhaps it’s a restful, supported position, where your power is upheld by the buoyancy of water?

And maybe those gulls better watch out.




4 thoughts on “You Are Here at 2 a.m.

  1. I haven’t clicked on the link because I don’t want to have that song stuck in my mind! I hope it’s gone by now because it’s a well known torture technique.

    And yet another deck I *need* I’ll have to keep an eye on those forums; I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I don’t care about getting cramps!

    • Actually, the link is just to a text write-up, no tune, so you are safe!!!

      It is a wonderful deck with wonderful art. Some people complained about the art being dark or the slots, and one nutcase said the title was pretentious which it is not. I find the title descriptive and lyrical.

      For me, it has been inspiring, as has Ash herself. I wonder why people would buy such an expensive deck and trim it? Some people were buying two copies just so they could trim one. It’s no wonder Ash stopped selling them. If you don’t like something, sell it on, don’t destroy it.

      I hope you can find a copy. It’s magic as far as I’m concerned.

    • These cards are rather humorous in some ways. I get tired of people rabbiting on about how “dark” they are. While true that some of the circumstances depicted are dark, Ash has a way of seeing a rather cynical humour. Well, Ash or I–I must say that it could be me. 😉

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