On of my sisters sent me this card with some interesting newspaper clippings. It’s not a postcard, it’s a single-sided notecard that the artist calls a “correspondence card”, but I’m saving it with my postcard collection. It is a design called Sunblooms by Amy Butler, whose fabric designs I like, so today I’m posting it for a bit of cheer.

Yesterday I actually mowed part of the lawn, so I felt like I contributed something. Although I’ve got some aches, I don’t have acute pain and I feel it did my circulation some good.

I finally got our new portable phone and extension up and running, and we picked up the special medical food for one of my cats and learned more about working the new CD player and radio in the car today.

I’m also having some success in Photoshop making a new book cover for a tiny book I am repurposing for my dolls. I just have to print it on photo paper and spray it with fixative.



Bloom where you are planted.

In fuchsia.




6 thoughts on “Sunblooms

  1. Ooh, that is one yummy card, isn’t it? I love the colours.I also like Amy’s fabric designs. I’d not heard about her until you sent me that pattern, but then I spoke to a friend who had bought her fabrics as well.

    The mowing sounds very good for mind and body! I carry planks 🙂

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