An Ephemeral Wistfulness

I received notice that the Tyldwick Tarot has finally been released. It’s been a loooong time and I had copy 2 reserved (it could have been copy 1 but I really didn’t care) and now I find myself unable to afford the £50 plus shipping and packaging. Still, if I think about it, even if I had the money I probably wouldn’t buy any card deck for that price.

Time has moved on and change came. I would rather buy a book for $15, or something affordable that will challenge me or get me learning something new. I have been having such fun using the Play Architecture Playing Cards on this blog and they only cost about $12. Plus I have my postcard collection .

Speaking of postcards, the Royal Horticultural Society is releasing a boxed set of 100 postcards in October, with botanical prints from their collection for about $20. I can afford that and the art will uplift me and allow me to learn. I am happy with that. I have a lot of great decks. I’m sorry the Tyldwick won’t be joining them but I’m sure Neil’s deck will sell well as so many people collect decks today.

It’s a different time for me.

LOON – Four of Feathers (Four of Swords)


Retreat, introspection. Go within, ponder, dream and plan. Centred stillness.

You already have the answers, and the decks. I would have liked it but it’s an ephemeral wistfulness, a yearning for someone I used to be.





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