Nurture Courage

The laundry leaching pit is still not draining and splashing back into the house slightly. I managed to do a small wash though. While doing the dishes this morning I discovered the new kitchen faucet seems to be leaking slightly, as a circle of dried water was inside the cabinet. Add that to the moving porcelain floor tiles and cracking grout, and guess what we are going to be doing for holidays? Yup, trying to get the contractor to fix things, only 2.5 months after he did the work.

I try not to be discouraged, but honestly it made me feel so bad. I have a lot of pain, and I had my green drink and fish oil, vitamins, then fed the pets and we are all draped over the sunporch enjoying the light while I read an old Colin Dexter Inspector Morse mystery. I had a jasmine tea, my refuge of heat and flowers.

I’m not going to get upset, I’m not going to wish I was dead because some contractor wasn’t perfect. Everybody has things happen in life, we must all cope.

VII HORSE – Spirit of Freedom (The Chariot)


The moon in the sky reminds me of cycles, moving, turning, clouds coming and going, air and intellect and worry, but most of all flying and freedom. “Power, balance, alignment, control” sayeth the book. “Horse advises clarity, confidence, and self-control.” Stay focused on the goal, no need to force. (Be kind to your contractor, don’t yell at him and scream until your face is red!)

“Victory comes when all parts work together, united in a common flow.”

I am the vehicle that carries my soul through life. Nurture courage. Forge ahead with assurance. Let go – become master of your vehicle.

I needed that! I often think of The Chariot with regard to journeys, but this is my journey at the moment and there are lessons to be learned.



3 thoughts on “Nurture Courage

  1. I like that card. It’s nice and ornate.

    You know, we can relate to how you feel. It’s been like a game of snakes and ladders here. Everytime something has been done, there has been a leak or something has gone wrong afterwards. After all the bathroom was tiled, my cousin had to come and take tiles down on one wall to get to the shower fittings behind. The tiles were down for ages and we couldn’t take a shower. Then there was the new-fangled flush on the toilet, which wouldn’t stop flushing. That was like that for weeks, with the lid off. My parents want to replace the tiles on the floor in the kitchen as they are coming up in places. It does get you down, I understand that. I often get absorbed by stuff when things are going wrong and find it hard to shirk the mood.

    But things usually do get better and it is good to try and remember that. These days, wherever the leak is (the drain in the garden might be blocked again, sigh), it is still 100% better than living next door to Oddbod. These problems, unlike her, can be sorted 🙂 Hope it gets better soon. Have another jasmine tea 😉

    • I am strangely encouraged by reading of your problems in the house. It LOOKS so good I find it hard to believe, but then that house is about the same age as mine I think–44 years?

      Things get better, I must remember that–had a bit of renewal of Now thinking, focusing on the moment etc. which does really help disperse that absorption in things going wrong.

      Oddbod–so nice you aren’t near that poison any more. I hope the new lady is finding her more pleasant, but if she’s true to form, she’ll be on the rampage with her too. Yuck. Poison.

      • We found her pleasant at first. We always thought she was odd, but she was continually trying to help us out and do things for us when they first moved there. But then she found others she’d rather impress and we became unimportant.

        I imagine that she was as helpful as she could be to the new neighbours as well, eager to be their friend; but people always notice how strange she is, and eventually, she becomes an irritation and an annoyance. Her husband is simply a self-absorbed, selfish pig. They are sweetness and light, so long as you are interesting to her and you do not complain about anything they are doing. I bet their kids are getting worse, now they are older. I bet that the reasons we moved must have crossed the new owners minds over the months of getting to know Oddbo and her vile children. It’s been a hot summer. I can only imagine what the noise levels in their garden is like.

        In Kabbalah, I remember reading something about trying to imagine how you will feel when you are in that place you want to be. So for you, it will be that time when the kitchen is sorted. I found that kind of useful, really putting myself past the problem and feeling that relief. Like all of the sh*t we went through with Oddbod, I knew we’d eventually move away and be happy. I had to always believe that, even when times were rough.

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