The Sparkle of Water

DOLPHIN – Two of Shells ( 2 of Cups)


Ah, the harmonious relationship card. Yesterday was my 37th anniversary so I thought this was apt. My husband brought me a card and flowers, and we are going to have a take-out meal on Friday when he starts his holidays to celebrate properly.

We were talking last night about people and how we are quite happy by ourselves and if one of us dies, the other would just carry on, enjoying solitude. It made me realize how nice it was to be tuned in to someone, to have similar values and a similar approach to life.

No big decision about it, we gradually have drifted into being alone and preferring it that way. We both love to chat with people but greater socialization, close friendship, and mutual visits don’t have the sparkle of sun on water for us.




4 thoughts on “The Sparkle of Water

  1. I understand these ideas. I do like company, but I am less interested in groups and parties. They become chores. I like 1:1, like when Kate and I have our coffee after yoga or Charlotte and I meet and have a laugh over breakfast, but big nights out and big parties make me shy away. We have three big weddings coming up, which I am really not looking forward to. Maybe it is something about getting older? Or is it about getting to a point of appreciation of your own self, where you don’t need that much interaction? I know people who can’t ‘get-together’ enough and are constantly trying to put dates in the diary or those who are out and about, trying to widen their social set every week. That’s not for me anymore. In some cases, there is a desperation in it, to be constantly occupied, never alone.

    Happy Anniversary to you both 🙂

    • Well I got through our wedding function this year and it was enjoyable and fun but it took us a while to recover.

      For me, I think it comes down to appreciation of the Self and the realization that being alone is not a terrible thing. That might have come from age or just getting used to having less people around–not sure.

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Take-away on Friday–thank goodness I won’t have to cook. 😉

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