Wake Up and Hug a Tower

I’m finding it a bit hard to get motivated in the heat, which slams into me first thing, after a night of pain and sleeplessness.

I’m very lucky to have a basement that is much cooler to bring relief. After two hours over a steamy stove last night cooking dinner, I asked the spouse if he could bring home a sandwich for supper tonight so I wouldn’t have to put the oven or stove on.

I’m waiting for laundry to finish so thought I’d draw a card.

XVI SERPENT – The Quickener (The Tower)


Maybe we’ll get some thunderstorms today to cool things down?

When I think of quickening, I think of either love or fear that sets the heart beating faster and the pulse quickening.

This is Kundalini energy, the life-force energy at the base of the spine, the electric current of change and sudden insight. Awareness grows and then the quick strike and all is revealed; crisis and revelation.

And amid all that, the laundry.



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