Happy Doodle-Doo

XIX ROOSTER – Call to Awakening (The Sun)


Leaping up at 7 a.m. I rushed out to pick some spinach to blend with pear and apple in a Nutri-Bullet drink. While the unit does seem to leak, it is in the threads between the cup and screw on unit with the blade, and might be because I tilt it taking it off the base. I will try tomorrow taking it straight off vertically and see if it leaks. I saw one guy mentioning putting a bit of olive oil on the threads to seal it better, so I will try that trick as well.

Rooster is in the pink today as you can see. Strutting and sunny, thinking that some sunflower seeds might be good in a smoothie, he loves the way his patterned feathers shine in the sun.

While grumbling this morning and moaning about dying and hating my body, I felt better after a shower and having my fruit drink, doing the dishes, feeding the pets, and putting four mysteries on hold at the library.

Ain’t so bad Rock.



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3 Responses to Happy Doodle-Doo

  1. Sometimes, the rants help. I have similar ones, and once I have had it, things seem less of a big deal and I can see the day clearer.

    Nice uplifting card today. I am loving my China Tarot but the minors are pretty dour in colour.

    • JJ says:

      When first collecting decks I tried to pretend that pips didn’t matter, but they really do. I don’t mind semi-illustrated pips but straight pips just don’t do it for me.

      I tried.

      • They used to bother me, but I’ve grown to like them – if they fit in with the deck nicely. I find them clean. I still use RWS meanings (a big no-no from those in the know at AT) because I like them. I find they have a strength in bigger readings but are probably not so exciting for daily draws.

        God loves a trier 🙂

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