The Framing of Ashes

After mentioning that I’d like to get this piece of art framed, we got some holiday money that we can use for that, so I’m going to get it done and not have to wait for Christmas!

I need to fix some of the contrast on this and generally tweak it before I get it framed but I am quite excited to have the opportunity to have it finished and hanging, like real art, not just an exercise, a daub, a half-finished idea.

I picked three random cards to go with this:


Jack of Clubs (Knight of Wands)
Three of Diamonds (3 of Pentacles)
5 of Clubs (5 of Wands)

Well, the Three is about reward for work, and in this case, the edges of the coins remind me of frames. The flowers echo the flowers in my picture, the bare feet are daring to touch the truth, daring to feel in order to create something good, treading the path, going somewhere. Some things have to be earned.

The Jack of Clubs has a skin much like the gecko skin, and he is all fire and action, snarling if you don’t arise and do things. Snarling because you won’t take a chance, impatient with your lack of movement.

The 5 carries a sadness, the loss of connection, the inability to raise someone from the dead. Here lies Ash, but she inspires me still. Because I did this picture and I’m getting it framed, it will sit on my wall and remind me that Art is a choice and takes time and loss, but the fire leads to solidity and holding the dream, coins engraved with the natural world, your nature, finally visible.




2 thoughts on “The Framing of Ashes

    • It’s one of my favourites too. I need a slight tweaking of contrast and I will save it in an archival frame. That makes me very happy. It was a good study and a great deck, one of the best.

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